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Wrapping Paper Using the Letter "Y"

In my graphic design class, the first project we had was to work with one letter to create a wrapping paper. Some people used "l" or "s," but I decided to use the letter "y." It took a long time to line everything up and get the perfect pattern, but it was worth it in the end. We were required to make our pattern in black and white first, then two versions in color. I chose colors that would be considered more floral. You can see the similarities between all the patterns, but with each version comes a different look.

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Digital Self-Portrait

This semester in my graphic design class, my professor gave us a project to create a self-portrait. The challenging part of this assignment was to create the self-portrait without using a picture of ourselves. We had to use objects that represented our past, present and future. I have to admit that I found it interesting as I went through the design process. As I sketched out all my ideas, I found that I was most connected to the places I travelled and my Italian heritage (and of course my photography). Throw in my love for fashion and my self-portrait was starting to look good. After two weeks working on the assignment, I felt like I was able to capture myself in this frame. I hope you enjoy the final piece below.

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