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A Long Time Coming: Verizon Gets the iPhone

I am someone who has been a fan of the iPhone since its conception in 2007. As a loyal Verizon customer, I have been waiting 4 years for the popular phone to make the switch from AT&T to other carriers, especially Verizon. I even wrote an opinions article in The Current about the issue last summer. Here is the article:

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Elizabeth Edwards

With the recent passing of Elizabeth Edwards, not only was I stunned, but also heart-broken after meeting her earlier this year. I met Edwards at Life 101 at Nova Southeastern University in February 2010. Working at The Current, I was the only press photographer allowed into the event, per Edwards' request. It was a privilege to be able to photograph her.

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Digital Self-Portrait

This semester in my graphic design class, my professor gave us a project to create a self-portrait. The challenging part of this assignment was to create the self-portrait without using a picture of ourselves. We had to use objects that represented our past, present and future. I have to admit that I found it interesting as I went through the design process. As I sketched out all my ideas, I found that I was most connected to the places I travelled and my Italian heritage (and of course my photography). Throw in my love for fashion and my self-portrait was starting to look good. After two weeks working on the assignment, I felt like I was able to capture myself in this frame. I hope you enjoy the final piece below.

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