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Jessica & Jonathan: Engagement Shoot

This shoot was one that was dear to my heart because I've known Jessica for almost 20 years. I was deeply touched when she asked for me to take not photograph their engagement, but their wedding as well. Jonathan is really her perfect match and I was thrilled to capture that through their engagement session...

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LA's Holiday Gift Guide 2011

So many people this year have asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I usually say nothing because I have everything that I could ever need in my life. But for those of you out there struggling to find the perfect gift for that person in your life, I have a great guide for you.

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Meet Matilda

In September, Juan's sister, Astrid, wanted a puppy. We all decided to go to the pet store where we bought Mateo to see if she could find the same puppy. Astrid picked a yorkie out right away and started to play with it. While she was playing with the puppy, I decided to take a look around. I saw this little morkie (half yorkie, half maltese) sleeping on another puppy in the crate. The employee said she had such a sweet demeanor, so I told her to bring her out so we could play with her.

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