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Jake & Brayden: Portraits

In May, I was so sad when our good friends Dave and Kara—and their adorable boys Jake and Brayden—were moving back to North Carolina. Before they left, I insisted on taking photos of the boys together. I had a year to photograph Jake, but Brayden was only one month old. This was an opportunity to get both of them together and get some great shots the day before they left for North Carolina. Here is a bit of my visit with them.

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I used to babysit my friend's baby a lot when he was younger. His parents used to say he was always an angel for me and my mom. I think it was my camera that made him so quiet. Jake is one of the most well-behaved babies I have ever watched. At 9 months old, he is just so happy and smily all the time. I love the facial expressions he makes, especially when the camera is on his precious little face.

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