Mad for Dad

Buying gifts for my dad is sometimes one of the hardest things, mainly because he doesn't want for much.  However, he loves when my sister and I give him a well-though gift. 

This year, I came across a photo of my dad that I took many years ago on my first trip to Italy. It was a special trip for us to share and I knew I wanted to have this photo printed. However, rather than just print a photo and have it put into a traditional frame, I turned to Zazzle to customize it one step farther. I saw there was this option to print on wood, which I knew my dad would appreciate most. 


To say I was impressed with the product once I received it was an understatement. The piece was truly exquisite. It truly looked like a work of art. Additionally, it captured a stunning portrait of my father during one of our most memorable and meaningful trips together.

In addition to the print, my sister decided that my dad would love a new custom shirt. He love the TV show "The Big Bang Theory," so we though we could find a great science one to go with it. I have never ordered a shirt from Zazzle, but I am sure glad I did; the quality is AMAZING! It's a great shirt. 


Do you need something for your Dad this Father's Day? Head on over to Zazzle and receive up to 60% off gifts for dad using the promo code ZGREATESTDAD.

Beaches & Babies

The Talpesh family holds a special place in my heart. By knowing Danny and his entire family since I was a 5 years old—as well as seeing Natalie come into his lifethere is so much history that makes shooting their family so much more special for me. You have seen me post about Alexia Harper in the past. But now, Lexi is a toddler and about to become a big sister! 

I spent a beautiful Sunday evening at the beach photographing the growing family. The weather was absolutely gorgeous—but how could it not be during a Florida winter?! It was so beautiful walking up and down the beach as the sun set behind us. Lexi especially loved playing, too, as you can see!  

This incredibly sweet family is one I cannot get enough of and hope to be photographing for years to come. Congratulations to the Talpesh family on their new little bundle of joy!

Time Flies By

I can't believe another year has gone by where I am photographing the Schuster family. I've known Tenille and Jon for years, but it is truly shocking see how quickly time has passed when I realize that Ella was 3 and Saybel was 4 months old when I started their yearly family sessions. 

Rather than try a new location this year, Tenille and Jon opted for photos at home. The first time I shot here, they had just moved in! Now, they've been in their house 3 years—WOW! With such a beautiful and picturesque home, we had such a good time utilizing their backyard swing and reenacting some of the shots from when the girls were much smaller. Thankfully, it was much easier now to get them to balance on that swing!

I truly love this family and am so happy I can finally share their session, along with another year of memories!