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Mother's Day

Mother's Day is almost here and every year I struggle with what to get my mom every year. My sister and I go through endless discussions on what to get her every year since her birthday is only a few weeks before.  

My sister was very good about thinking up gifts this year. She found this gorgeous cookbook that she knew our mom would love at Anthropologie. But we both thought we needed to get her something to go with it. Thankfully, this is where Zazzle came in to help save the day. 

I can't get over how you can customize so many things on Zazzle's website. Normally, I've purchased custom cards or invitations, but now they even have customizable food items! As a great addition to the cookbook, my sister and I decided to also order her a custom cheese board from their site. 


Once the custom cheese board arrived, not only was I thrilled with how wonderful the quality wasincluding the matching knifebut also the "cool factor" of printing directly on the glass. I'm such a design geek sometimes, it's not even funny. I was truly happy that we picked such an awesome pairing of gifts.

However, I didn't stop there. In addition to the themed gifts we bought, I also designed my mom custom stationary that would go with the gorgeous cover of the cookbook we bought her. I thought it was the perfect addition, especially since she needed some new ones. 


There is still time to order some products from Zazzle if you are looking for something special for your mom. I particularly love the new throw blankets they have, as we are a blanket loving family. 😉

If you are still looking fir a Mother's Day gift, have no fear! Zazzle is offering 50% off express shipping! Use this code at checkout: ZEXPRESS4HER.

My sister and I can't wait to give her these gifts next weekend, as we know she will love them. But mainly, we are thrilled to be spending the day with her! 

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, mothers-to-be and grandmothers in the world! You make this world worth living!  

Custom Fabrics & Baby Elephants

As someone who worked at JoAnn Fabrics throughout high school and college, you can say I am kind of an expert when it comes to fabrics and all things artsy. Sometimes nothing is better than an old fashioned homemade project. 

Imagine my excitement when I found out that Zazzle started offering customized fabrics. I have always wanted to create my own patterns and printsmy mother always encouraged me to create my own textiles—but now I actually have the opportunity to do so. 

I decided to get crafty with a gift for my friend who recently had a baby. I wanted to create something that would match the nursery, as well as be a great memento. 

I found this great DIY project on Pinterest to create a stuffed elephant. I used these two printed fabrics from Zazzle to create the plush toy: Gray Tribal Ikat Chevron Fabric and Solid Color: Light Gray Fabric. So, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I cut the patterns, sewed the pieces and stuffed the final items with fill. It was was relaxing, as well as peaceful to create something with my hands again. 

To make your own stuffed elephant, these are the supplies you will need: 

Supplies Needed:
1 Fat Quarter in Main Fabric Print
1 Fat Quarter in Contrast Fabric
2 Buttons for Eyes
Printed Pattern Pieces

For full tutorial I used with step by step instructions, please click here.

Until my next project!

2015 SAG Awards: Best Dressed

The Screen Actor's Guild Awards is one of my favorite awards shows. The winners are being honored by their peers and I still find it so special.

Right off the bat, I'm going to say I was a bit disappointed at the fashion as this year's show. There weren't too many people that "WOW'ed" me this year. I hope everyone is saving their best look for The Oscars. 

Tonight's trend was definitely white hot! So many women in white! Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis and Paula Patton were just a few. Julia Roberts and Emma Stone always went with jacket looks; Julia wearing a tuxedo-like jumpsuit (everyone knows how much I love a good jumpsuit) and Emma with a blazer and sheer skirt. I also loved how Lupita Nyong'o wore that gorgeous striped floral dress by Elie Saab. However, she wasn't the only one wearing stripes; Tatiana Maslany also stunned in black and white stripes. 

To see all the looks I found memorable this evening, please scroll through the slideshow below.

Until the next awards show!