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The Luxury Fashion Watch Maven

Christine Bourgeois Sica is one of the most sought-after watch aficionados in the industry. She has translated her personal obsession into a professional passion. 

When it came time to create a logo for the Luxury Fashion Watch Maven, Christine approached me with a concept she had been working on.  Because she is a tastemaker in her vocation, abreast of trends and intimately aware of the history and heritage that make aspiring companies legendary watch brands, she knew exactly what she was looking for. She want her name to somehow look like a watch when it was laying flat. As I began to sketch out the logo, I realized that this might actually perfectly because her name was so long. 

When it came time to digitize the logo, she was also really in love with big, bold lettering. Although I started working with one typeface, I ended up created my own because of the amount of manipulation I did with each letter to create the shape of the watch. After three weeks, we finally had the look just right. 

Once the logo was complete, all that was left was to decide on the colors that were going to be used. Christine chose a grey color palate, but wanted to add a pop of color. She decided on a shade of crimson red as accent color.  

With this bold new look, Christine will have no trouble standing out in the watch industry .

Out with the Old, In with the New

For the last few months, I thought about how I wanted to rebrand myself. This time last year, I redesigned my brand for the first time in 5 years before jetting off to HOW Design Live. However, I might have rushed it. 

Now, one year later, I have redesigned my brand once again. This time, I feel like I am truly reflecting who I am. I wanted to create a symbol for myself. My logo not only expresses how I approach the creative process, but my innovative thinking as well.

Color was a major change with my redesign as well. As much as I love black and white, they were not the colors that inspired me on a daily basis. Whites and treys with accents of coral are really what surround my daily life. 

I am excited to finally share my new logo and website rebranding. I look forward to all forms of feedback.