It's that time of year again where summer is about to come to a close and fall is about to begin. With the fall comes back-to-school and all the gear necessary for the beginning of a new school year. 

Although I am not in school any longer, *sigh*, I still love getting and gifting back-to-school gear. Zazzle has some great custom options for going back to school.

One of the best products I really enjoy are their custom t-shirts. The v-neck ones are not only soft and comfortable, but fit me better in all the right ways where most don't. It's even better that they are customizable! Check out one of the new ones I got here:

I'm a sucker for a great ampersand; it must be the designer in me. The beauty is I can choose one shirt design and put it on any type of shirt--from babies t-shirt to adult mens and anywhere in between. Here is another design I love from them: 

Other items that I love for back to school are these great white boards. I need to stay organized and this is the best way to do it. Plus, since I can customize the design, I can separate by the days of the week or just have one large design. This Andes Tribal Aztec design is one of my favorites, and even prettier in person!

However, you'll also love this one for organization!

Last, but not least, my other favorite back-to-school product are the luggage tags. Truly, I have never seen better quality! These luggage tags are hard and durable and I know won't get ruined with all the travel I will do. However, it will also be great for travel for those college students coming back and forth between the dorms and home. This is one of my favorite designs:

I suggest taking advantage of the customization and adding your information to the back as well. Makes it look clean and perfect. 

Start the new school year off with a bang and grab your customizable products from Zazzle for back-to-school by clicking here or visiting