Lucky Paws

When Theresa approached me a few months ago about a logo idea she wanted to pursue for the brand she created, Lucky Paws. I was excited to help create a for her. 

As we begin the design process, Theresa really wanted to include a paw print in the logo. Rather than going the traditional route, I decided on this alternative, yet modern way to incorporate the paw print into the design. By her asking for something very specific, I this was a very innovative way to incorporate all she was asking for.

Once the design was complete, all that was left was color. The company was named after Theresa's dog, Lucky. Lucky used to always wear a purple collar, so it was only fitting to purple as the main color for the logo. 

Now that Theresa has a logo, I'm sure she will have nothing but luck in the pet product industry. 

Lauren AurigemmaComment