Yo Si Amo San Andres

While on vacation in San Andres last year, I was lucky enough to meet Alvaro, the owner of the hotel we stayed in. He asked if I would be wiling to help create a logo to promote awareness about transportation, water and other issues that an occur on the island. For me, it was a no-brainer to assist him. 

As we started the design process, Alvaro told me he wanted something to represent San Andres, but that was different from what the designer before me created for him. It was funny how the idea of the logo came to me so quickly. Once I settled on a sans serif typeface, I decided to make the shape of the island between the "n" and the "a" in "San Andres." It was simple, but would make a statement since there was a lot of wording that had to be used in the logo. 

At the beginning, Alvaro had requested that the colors to be green and blue, since those are most common colors associated with the island. It made sense since the ocean is a unique shade of blue and green covers the island. The logo incorporate both the green and blue, as well as the logo in solid green or blue. 

I fell in love with San Andres; therefore, it was a privilege to have left my small mark on this beloved island. 

Yes I Do-Logo-Blue & Green-01.jpg
Yes I Do-Logo-Blue-01.jpg