From Japan to Miami

I met Yodino and Mucci on one of their trips to Miami from Japan for business with the company I work full-time for. Yodino and Mucci were getting married in December in Japan. However, since Mucci always wanted a beach wedding and they were in Miami, they decided to take their wedding photos while here. 

What an experience! The language barrier between Japanese and English made it difficult to communicate, but thank goodness for Luna. She was a blessing! I had never photographed a couple before their wedding before. But, now that I have, it was so relaxed and calm. I was able to spend 4 hours with the pair instead of just 30-45 minutes between the ceremony and reception. 

We were on the beach at sunset on what seemed like to be a horrible, rainy day. But, as the day went on, we were lucky that the sun decided to shine through for just a bit. 

Luna helped translate to Yodino and Mucci the positions I wanted them in, or if I needed them to move or make an adjustment. We were laughing and having so much fun, especially when we were taking so shots with Mucci's veil and it almost flew away.

It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday, and one that I will never forget! 

To see all the photos from Yodino and Mucci's session, as well as some photos from their wedding ceremony in December, please scroll below. 

Yodino & Mucci: Thank you for choosing me as your U.S. wedding photographer. It was my absolute pleasure. Now I cannot wait to visit Japan! Thank you for you kindness and generosity.