You Can Take Away the Sunshine, But Not the Heat

The Cipolla family were visiting Miami from Milan for a month. Just before they departed, Laura and Guiliano decided to have some family photos taken. I have know both them for many years, but this was the first time I had the chance to meet their children. 

We headed to the park close by where they even brought bikes for their daughter, Gioia, and son, Giacomo. Both kids are are very active for their age. They love to have fun and you can see how carefree they are. I wish I still had the same spirit as them because it looks like so much fun. 

It was sweltering hot and humid for 9 in the morning, but no one seemed to mind since there was no sun. However, it was worth it to see the kids riding their bikes, playing with dogs and have a great time. At least the rain threatening clouds in the sky held off until we finished. The moment I took the last shot, the drizzling started commenced.

You can see some of the photos from the Cipolla family's session below. 

The Cipolla Family: Thank you so much for choosing me to take your photos while you were here. I can't wait until you all move back next year!