Imperial Blends

Imperial Blends--a gourmet coffee company--was started by Sam Grada and Tony Difede. Earlier this year, they approached Amanda Cazacu and I to help develop their branding, visual identity (including logo) and website.  

We had many meetings over several months in order to capture the co-founder's vision. We went through many phases—even starting with a crown and coffee beans. Eventually, we landed on a look that was more natural and distressed. 

The typeface used to create the logo is from kC Fonts and has elements of old wood grain built into it. We kept the supporting typefaces in a slab serif and serif family with simple construction so they would not overwhelm the logo when used together. 

For the colors, we kept the tones earthy, but they are brought to life by the burnt orange swatch. In keeping with the color scheme, we selected patterns that natural in look and feel. The chalkboard pattern is the most commonly used look, but the wood is used as a supporting look. 

The last element to create was an icon. Most brands now have a visual representation of their logo. For Imperial Blends, we used their initials and created a seal. You will see this used throughout their packaging and social media designs. 

After many months of hard work on everyone's part, today is the day!  Imperial Blends launched not only their website, but also their online store. Visit their website at and sample some of their delicious, roast-to-order coffee blends. 

Happy Friday!!!

You can see a few elements from the Imperial Blends branding and website below.