Rays & Rocks

A few months ago, one of my good friends asked if I could help take photos of a beautiful model from Argentina while she was here on vacation. I, of course, agreed to do so. 

Jéssica Buss is absolutely gorgeous in person. What a beauty! Despite the fact that my Spanish is not at its best—my proficiency level is the same as a 7-year-old native speaker—we were able to communicate with Spanglish. 

Jéssica was staying on this incredible semi-private beach, so how could be not take advantage of it? If you ever shoot with me, you will know I love the "golden hours" of the day (2 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before sunset), and this day was no different. We had a great location, great lighting, but there was one drawback—rocks. Yes, you read right, rocks, and tons of them. This beach we were on had so many rocks, but not just any kind; these rocks made it unbearable to walk barefoot or even stand. 

I have to give Jéssica a lot of credit for being so understanding. The poor thing was kneeling, standing or having some part of her body punctured back those rocks. Even when I had her go in the extremely cold water, the waves may have knocked her down, but she got right back up and kept on going. But luckily, you would never know because of what an amazing model she is. 

You can see all the images from Jéssica's session below. 

Jéssica: Thank you for being such a great model and dealing with all those rocks. You were such a great sport about it all. 


Jéssica Buss-April 2013-1.png
Jéssica Buss-April 2013-2.png
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