New York State of Mind

I visited New York City earlier this summer for both work and pleasure. But while I was relaxing, I asked my good friend Tasha if I could photograph her on her gorgeous balcony. Why not fit in a session in the city that never sleeps? 

In some of these photos, Tasha channeled her inner Rachel Zoe. To be honest, Tasha is a stylist—owner of Your Style Secret in NYC & Tampa—so it makes sense that there is a similarity between her and the style icon. They even have similar looks (they both have killer bangs that I would die for). Sometimes, I would shout to her, "You look just like Rachel Zoe right now." When I would turn my camera around to show her what I meant, her jaw would drop! She couldn't believe how I positioned her to get a dream-like shot. 

Tasha's endless pursuit for glamor and all things beautiful truly shined in this session. Of course, she styled herself. But every piece she put on was full of elegance, with a bit of  edginess. And with NYC as your backdrop, there is no way she could go wrong. 

You can see all the images from Tasha's NYC photo session below. 

 Tasha (as well as Ryan, TIno & Coco): Thank you for allowing me to use your beautiful home as the backdrop to an amazing shoot. Tash, you are truly an amazing woman and I am so fortunate that I was able to capture your beauty on camera. Until next time my love! Xoxo


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