Isn't She Lovely

A new baby brings such joy into a family. It was no different when my cousin, Joey, and his wife, Bree, announced that they would be starting a family. Joey was not only the first grandchild/son/cousin in the family to get married, but he is the first to have a great-granchild/grandchild/second cousin. 

Since we live so far from each other, I was overjoyed to be in town just one week after baby Kristian was born. She was just the tiniest little thing! Plus, she had a full head of hair—there was no doubt she was of Italian descent. 

We may have only spent 15 minutes taking Kristian's newborn photos (she was not in the modeling mood), but we got some beautiful shots of this new bundle of joy. What a cutie she was! She especially loved to be wrapped up in her swaddle blanket like Houdini. But mainly, she just loved to be held. 

I can't wait to see sweet baby Kristian again the first chance I get.  

You can see all the images from baby Kristian's mini photo session below. 

Joey &  Bree: Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph baby Kristian. She is so precious and I am so happy to have her part of our family. I love her—and you both—to pieces. Xoxo


Kristian Taylor-1.png
Kristian Taylor-2.png
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