Your Style Secret

Earlier this year, I had the honor of working with Tasha Ong on the relaunch of the visual brand identity for Your Style Secret (YSS). When Tasha approached me, her goal was to make YSS more unified as a brand and it all started with her visual identity.

I was very fortunate that Tasha already had a vision on which direction she wanted her brand identity to move in. Chic, classic, polished and modern were just some of the words she originally used to describe how she wanted her brand to be perceived.

From the beginning, Tasha has always loved black and white. Her clothes, her house, you name it—she has black and white infusions everywhere. So it is safe to say we knew what her color scheme would be.

We changed the direction of Tasha's brand a bit. Her company name is Your Style Secret, but we wanted to have people identify her, specifically, as their style secret. In turn, we choose to have her brand read as the following: Tasha Ong, Your Style Secret.

For the logo itself, we decided to keep it text based. We choose a typeface that had a classic serif look, with a bit or modern sophistication. We also decided to make it more of a mark by adding a black box with a thin white line on the inside to add some depth.

In addition to the visual identity, I also redesigned Tasha's website. I wanted her new visual identity to be reflected across all social media and digital platforms. I also took new portraits of her on her beautiful balcony in midtown Manhattan to complete the transformation.

With all these elements now up and running, it is no doubt that Tasha Ong, Your Style Secret, will be a success. Watch out, Rachel Zoe.

Tasha Ong-YSS-Brand Identity