The Shusters: Davie Family Session

The Shuster family holds a special place in my heart. Not only are they friends, but I also took their family photos last year. We didn't have to travel far for a beautiful location. Their new home was the perfect backdrop for their yearly photos. The girls, Ella and Saybel, had grown so much since I saw them last year; Saybel was only 6 months old!

We had such a great time, but no shoot is complete without marshmallows (see last photo). I can't explain the cuteness any further; scroll below to see for yourself.

The Shuster Family-2012-1

The Shuster Family-2012-2

The Shuster Family-2012-3

The Shuster Family-2012-4

The Shuster Family-2012-5

The Shuster Family-2012-6

The Shuster Family-2012-7

The Shuster Family-2012-8

The Shuster Family-2012-9

The Shuster Family-2012-10

The Shuster Family-2012-12

The Shuster Family-2012-11