The Shuster Family

It was my pleasure to work with the Shuster family on their family portraits. Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect weather for a photo shoot at the park. We started off the day with Ella, three-years-old, to take photos for me by coaxing her with marshmallows. She loved the camera, and the camera definitely loved her back. Baby Saybel was so adorable because she was always smiling. Tennille and John were also a pleasure to work with. Everyone enjoyed watching Ella ride her bike around the park as well. Take a peek into our fantastic day at the park.

John and Saybel were just adorable together

We were able to get a great family shot just as the shoot began.

Ella and her smiley self

Saybel is such a little cuttie

Ella was modeling it up for me when we went by this tree.

Tennille and Saybel looking so adorable

Love this baby!

Some great family shots

John and Ella

All smiles!

Ella got a little sleepy half way through the shoot

The photo on the right is one of my favorites

What a great looking family!

The image on the right was one of the last images from the shoot, and it turned out to be one of my favorites!