Jessica & Jonathan: Engagement Shoot

This shoot was one that was dear to my heart because I've known Jessica for almost 20 years. I was deeply touched when she asked for me to take not photograph their engagement, but their wedding as well. Jonathan is really her perfect match and I was thrilled to capture that through their engagement session. The day started off at their favorite used book store, Second Edition Book Shop. The minute we arrived, it started to rain. We enjoyed spending some time nestling amongst the books to create some beautiful images.

Once we finished at the book store, we headed to the park to finish the rest of our session. We were lucky the rain stopped just in time for our next location. Think stories, sun and scrabble. It was a lot of fun and we were able to fit everything in before we lost the sun.

I hope you enjoy Jessica & Jonathan's shoot. Can't wait to shoot the wedding next summer!

A special thank you to Second Edition Book Shop for letting us use their space for our shoot.

We got to the park just in time for some amazing shots before the sun went down.

Scrabble love