Baby Saybel

Just a week after the Shuster family's shoot, I was also asked to take some pictures of baby Saybel. What a little cutie she is! She was such a good sport as Tennille, her mom, styled her in the most adorable headbands, hats and tutus. We were so lucky that Saybel is such a happy baby and sat through the two hour shoot with nothing but a smile on her face. Take a look inside our shoot with Saybel.

Since it was almost Christmas time, we thought it would be cute to put lights around her.

So cute!

That hat is just adorable!

I love how happy she looks.

Glamour shot with all her jewels.

My favorite facial expression that Saybel makes.

Look at those eyes.

In between a costume change.

This may be an over-exposed shot, but I loved it.