LA's Holiday Gift Guide 2011

So many people this year have asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I usually say nothing because I have everything that I could ever need in my life. But for those of you out there struggling to find the perfect gift for that person in your life, I have a great guide for you. 1. Juice Pack™ Reserve for the iPod & iPhone

This is a great gift for anyone in your life. Lightweight and compact design with a convenient key ring & integrated charging cables means you’re always ready for a quick charge whenever you need it. $34.95 |

2. Digits

Don’t let the cold keep you from your connections! Digits are mini conductive pins that attach to the gloves you already love so you can use electronic touch screen devices, like smartphones and MP3 players, even when it’s below zero. $11.99 |

3. PowerCurl

This is a great gift for those Mac lovers who want to store their power cords safely. The PowerCurl is a clip-on cord wrap for Apple’s 45W, 60W, 85W, and older rectangular 85W MagSafe Power Adapter. PowerCurl makes it easy to unplug and pack up quickly without having to untangle your extension cords the next time you set up shop. $14.99 |

4. Olliclip

The olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone 4 or 4S that includes fisheye,wide-angle and macro lenses in one small, convenient package that easily fits in your pocket. Nestled in the palm of your hand, the olloclip connects to the iPhone 4 or 4S within seconds so you’ll be sure to capture the image you want…if you don’t see the picture you’re looking for just flip it over to switch lenses. $69.99 | 

5. Mantis

Let there be light! Mantis is a versatile clip-on task lamp that brightens your workspace, with minimal interference to your surroundings. Battery-operated and portable, it’s perfect for shining a light on your keyboard, bookshelf, worktable, or any other dark spot. $29.99 |

6. The Lens Cap Strap Holder

With the Lens Cap Strap Holder your lens cap will never get lost again! The holder slides onto your camera strap like threading a buckle, so you don’t have to alter your strap or cap at all! Your lens cap snaps into the holder with the same strong grip that attaches it to your camera’s lens. The tight fit will keep it safely in place while you shoot away. $18.00 |

7. Canon Camera Lens Mug

The 24-105mm black lens has a realistic lens-cap lid with rubber-grip focus zoom rings. It even has an auto-focus switch that actually switches. The 70-200mm white lens has a liquid tight travel lid and a rubber-grip bottom to keep it from sliding on your dash. Perfect for the photographer in your life. There is also a Nikon version available as well. $24.00-30.00 |

8. Converge

Show your gadgets some love! Converge is a docking station that shows off your electronics while they charge. Wires slip in easily, stay in place with the help of soft TPE grips, and stay out of sight. $39.99 |

9. Shootsac 

I cannot say enough about this camera bag. I have had a Shootsac for almost a year and I am in love with it. I even wrote a blog post about it earlier this year. This camera bag makes it easier for photographers to access the many lens they carry without dragging around a heavy bag. $179.00 |

10. Tote & Shoot by Shootsac

Carry your camera with lens attached, ready to shoot. My sister just got this bag in the grey and I can't wait to purchase my own in black. This is not only the perfect camera bag for carrying all your camera equipment, but it can also be the perfect travel bag. You can even put your Shootsac inside of this amazing bag. Finally a camera bag is available to carry all everything I could need in the field. $229.00 |