Meet Matilda

In September, Juan's sister, Astrid, wanted a puppy. We all decided to go to the pet store where we bought Mateo to see if she could find the same puppy. Astrid picked a yorkie out right away and started to play with it. While she was playing with the puppy, I decided to take a look around. I saw this little morkie (half yorkie, half maltese) sleeping on another puppy in the crate. The employee said she had such a sweet demeanor, so I told her to bring her out so we could play with her. The minute she brought the puppy out, I thought she was so cute. I brought her over to Astrid, and her heart just melted. On top of that, she was smaller than the size of a TV remote.  She was in love. The only problem was, she was going surprise her husband with the puppy.

The next day, we were painting Juan's apartment, so furniture was everywhere. Poor Mateo was confined to such a confined environment. Then, Juan and Astrid walk in with a new puppy. We had been brainstorming names on the way home the night before, but Astrid had settled on Matilda. She was so funny playing with Mateo and running around. She was so small! She could barely jump in her little bed on the floor.

When Astrid's husband, Simone, arrived, he didn't even see there was another puppy. All of  sudden, he saw Matilda on the floor and Astrid said, "Meet Matilda." He picked her up, looked in her eyes, and there he fell in love with her. I am so glad I was there to capture that moment  on camera.

Matilda is now a bit bigger and looks the same size a Mateo. She is hilarious when she plays. I call her a little sumo wrestler. My other nicknames for her are Mike Tyson (because she likes to bite a lot) and Gremlin (when I show a recent picture you will understand).

Now, enjoy the photos from the first day Matilda came into our lives.

 The first picture I ever took of Matilda

How cute!

Astrid & Matilda

Matilda slept a lot that first day. 

She was so small!

When Matilda and Simone met for the first time