Emma & David: Wedding Programs

In September, I was asked by my best friend, Amanda (a.k.a Mandy), to help create and design a program for her cousin Emma's wedding. As the Maid of Honor, she was in charge of the task and I am always thrilled to help with anything wedding related. We started to brainstorm, and Mandy found these amazing programs that she thought would look great. We worked two nights the week of the wedding to get the programs done. It was a last minute thing, but it was fun to sit with my best friend and work on this project together. At least we weren't making a money box this time, right Mandy?

Mandy was explaining to me the set up of the wedding and we found the perfect type treatment to compliment the etherial theme. We spent hours making sure the programs were perfect; between the revisions and cutting, we had our work cut out for us. However, it was totally worth it when we saw the end result. See the image below for the final product.

Thank you, Emma, for allowing me to create these for your big day. You made a beautiful bride!

 A beautiful image from Emma's photographer (Diana Lupu Photography)