Celebrations, Birthdays & the iPhone

This week has bee n full of celebrations for my birthday. After raining day after day the whole week, yesterday was picture-perfect Florida fall day. I could not have asked for more beautiful weather on my birthday after a torrential week. The celebrations started early. My dad's birthday is exactly one week before mine, so we celebrated together this past weekend. My mom bought an ice cream cake with Dove dark chocolate pieces on top. It definitely made me deviate from my diet. But it was a beautiful meal with my family.

I also received a present that I had been wanting for such a long time. My boyfriend, Juan, took me to Verizon and purchased me the iPhone. As someone who has been pining for one since they were first released in 2006, I was beyond excited about this present. Definitely my favorite gift this year. Thank you, Juanchito!

Yesterday, my birthday was filled with surprises. I walked into my office an saw an adorably wrapped present--decorated by my co-workers 2-year-old son--sitting on my desk. It was the cutest thing. But inside was a beautiful gunmetal metallic handbag. I loved it! But the surprises didn't stop there. My cousin, Rachele, sent a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to me as well. The celebrating continued into lunch where guacamole was the center of the meal. Dessert was just as good with a banana chocolate chip cake filled with peanut butter moose. Heavenly!

Finished off my day with dinner with my dad and Juan at my favorite seafood restaurant. Alaskan queen crab and stone crab are delicious!

Anyway, enjoy some of the photos of my birthday gifts that I captured on my new iPhone. Here's to another year older.