I've made a lot of photography purchases over the last year (unfortunately, none of which were lenses). However, the best purchase I made was an investment in a camera bag. Now, I didn't just buy any camera bag, I bought a Shootsac.

Shootsac by Jessica Claire is a revolutionary new camera bag concept for photographers. With easy access to up to three lens/flashes at a time, it makes shooting easier than ever. The neoprene fabric protects your lenses from scratches, while the three large pockets protect your lenses. There are an additional three pockets in the back for storage of personal items such as a cell phone, keys, etc. The bag also comes with an interchangeable neoprene cover. This cover protects your lenses so you can shoot cap-free or you can fold the cover back for easier access to your lenses. You can also add any one of the interchangeable True Color fashion covers which allows you to completely change the look of the lens bag to match your brand, the job or your mood.

The last time I had a shoot before purchasing my Shootsac, I was constantly thinking that I couldn't lug around this huge camera bag along with my tripod, reflector and other camera equipment. After that shoot, I ordered my Shootsac. When I went to my next job, I felt like a weight had literally been lifted off my shoulder. I could move around better, my shoulder wasn't aching and I felt more in control. I loved the way the bag conformed to my body and it made me feel like I wasn't even carrying a bag.

So hopefully I have inspired you to invest in a Shootsac rather than carry around that heavy camera bag. I promise it will change the way you shoot.

For more information on Shootsac, visit their Web site at

The inside of the Shootsac by Jessica Claire

Shootsac display showing how the covers are customizable.


A photo of my own Shootsac :)