Something Borrowed

I have been infatuated with all of Emily Giffin's books since my cousin introduced me to Something Borrowed years ago. I was impressed by Giffin's writing and how honest she was in Something Borrowed. She wrote about the things people always talked about but never had the nerve to say out loud. I continued to read Something Blue, the sequal to Something Borrowed, and was even more in love with the story than in the first book.

Giffin continued to impress me in her 4th book, Love the One You're With. Her honesty with the plot was just incredible. Although I have not read Baby Proof and Heart of the Matter yet, I am positive that they will be just as good as the other three she has written.

You can only imagine the excitement I felt when I heard Giffin was having her first two books, Something Borrowed and Something Blue, turned into movies. I remember when Giffin was talking about casting through her Facebook Fan Page last summer. I could barely contain my excitement. Just this week, Giffin posted on her Facebook the new trailer for Something Borrowed. You can watch the trailer below. This is the ultimate chick flick and I can't wait to see it!