Natalie Nixon: Portraits

When my good friend, Natalie, asked me to take headshots of her, I couldn't resist. Natalie is a ballerina and we take classes together. Since I have always had a love for the arts, I couldn't stop myself from working with her. We took the traditional headshots, along with some arabesque shots as well. The best part was when we had the chance to be creative. We walked up and down the Miami Design District looking for great places to get some shots. We finally stumbled upon this garden and it gave us the best shots of the day. We had a great time getting the ballet positions just right, but I'm sure Natalie was sore the next day from hold those positions so I could get the perfect shot. Thank you for everything, Natalie! Here is a look inside our shoot.

Headshots were the first thing to tackle.



Found this amazing garden in Miami and we couldn't help getting some artsy shots.

Look at those pointe shoes!

The trees were just so colorful that we had to take a few headshots in front of them.

Pretty ballerina.

L-O-V-E-D this wall of leaves.


My favorite shot of the day.

I love ballet pictures in black and white.

Different perspective.

The very last shot of the day!