Ramy & Nadine: Engagement Party

When Nadine first called me, she asked me "Are you free to shoot an engagement party on New Year's Day?" My response: "Of course!" I am so thrilled that she chose me to capture this great event in her life. Although I did not meet Ramy until the day of their engagement party, they are the sweetest people you will ever meet. They are loving and kind towards each other and seem to have a great time together. Here is a bit inside their engagement. Congrat to you both!

Meet Nadine & Ramy...

They are just adorable!

Nadine's best friend, Michelle, did not want to let her go. :(


They are just too cute!



Ring shot.






Nadine's shoes sparkled almost as much as her ring.



Close up of Nadine and Ramy's rings.



Had to get a shoe shot.





Pretty tablescape.



The cake



Since their party was at Zed 451, I had to get a shot of the wine bottles on display.



Father and daughter. A perfect way to end the night!