JD: Portraits

My friend JD has modeled for as long as I can remember. Two weeks ago, we both finally had the time to do a shoot. We decided on the beach as our backdrop, but we happened to choose a day when it was freezing outside. The day was cloudy at times, but when the sun came out, the lighting was perfect. Like the true model she is, JD got in the water for me even though it was blistering cold. Take a look inside our shoot.

First picture of the day.


I love sun hats and I am so happy that JD had one that we could use.


Very regal.



Outfit change from black bathing suit to a yellow ruffle-back dress.


Model smile. :)

She knows how to work it.


One of my favorite shots of the day.


Another outfit change, just this time to a white bathing suit and mesh cover-up.


I love black and white beach photos.


Another shot on the sand.


During a pose change, I loved catching this spontaneous look.


The waves started crashing into the shoreline more as the sun set.


Simply gorgeous.



We add some jeans to the look to finish out the day.