Amanda Cazacu: Portraits

Mandy and I have been friend since we were in kindergarten. I trust her with everything. When she said she wanted some new photos of herself, we immeditately began brainstorming. We should about the beach, but then we realized that this time of year was too cold for that. Then we found an awesome park that would give us a vintage feel and it was perfect. It took us a while to start getting the poses that would look best, and most importanly, the lighting. When we first got to the park, we stayed in the shade, but we weren't get the shots we wanted. Once we went out into the filed where the sun was shining brightest, we started to get some amazing shots! I know Mandy's eyes were killing her, but it was all worth! Check out a few shots from our session below.  


Love her combat boots. They were the object of my affection.

She knows how to work it.

Sweet and innocent.

This is when we started to get some great shots.

Love the look!

Mandy's eyes are a darker brown, but in the light, they looked golden.

Loving the lens flare.

Pretty, pretty.

We found a wall of leaves.

This is her edgy side.

"Stop and look both ways."

My favorite shot of the day (left) was one of the last.

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