Brand Strategy

As a Brand Strategist, I have spent the better half of a decade honing my skills in the companies for whom I have worked. With marketing and business backgrounds – as well as skills in design and photography – I have been able to work alongside some of the best and brightest teams in the industry. Product development is a huge part of the process. 

Selling a product is never easy. Convincing a consumer to purchase your product can often be difficult. If the right combination of product quality, design, price and marketing all come together, then you have the perfect recipe for success. 

I have been a part of incredible companies throughout my career where I was able to understand, conceptualize and create a given product or idea, all with the ability to bring it to market. It has been quite rewarding to mold a particular product, sample by sample, into what the consumer will eventually purchase. 

Below are some projects I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of over the years: